Appropriate creative ideas for dried flower arrangement

However, it is interesting to know that there are plenty of choices for you to pick. Air/Hang Drying: Pick flowers which are just starting to start or not completely mature. This is because if they are already open there is a greater chance the petals will fall off during the drying process. Cut them on a dry weather and keep as much of the stem as possible. Bundle them together in bunch of no longer than 7 and wrap them with a rubber band. Hang or suspend them mid-air from a hook in the wall or a hanger in a dry and dark place. Air-dry them this way for around 2 weeks.

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Silica Gel Drying

Cut the flowers in a sterile state and leave about an inch or two of stem length. Pour a layer of about one to two inches of silica gel into a shallow container/tray. Put the flowers over the coating of silica and then carefully cover them with another layer of gel. Now, tightly seal the container and leave it for around 4-5 days. Afterwards, pop open the container and take the flowers and eliminate any remaining silica gel using a soft paintbrush. Choose brightly colored flowers which aren’t fully opened yet. Get a shallow container and line it with silica gel. Set the flowers on top and add a little more gel and place it in the microwave. Be certain that you also include a separate little cup of water in the microwave also. Add a non-metallic microwave thermometer to the silica gel so you can track the temperature when it is in the microwave. Activate the microwave in the maximum setting and watch it until the thermometer reads about 170 degrees Fahrenheit. At this stage closed it off and let it cool down before opening the door. After eliminating the flowers spray them with a few non-aromatic hair sprays to keep their dryness.

Food Dehydrator Drying

Select dried flowers singapore that have already reached their maximum blossom because the petals will be opened which will help in quicker drying. Reduce the leaves and cut the stem to the shortest period possible. Position the flowers in single layers, evenly spaced apart, on the dehydrator trays that will insure appropriate and even drying. Leave them overnight and place it on the lowest setting. In case you have got enough time, try to rotate the trays every couple of hours. They ought to be done the following day.